Which natural stone to wear as a pendant?

Whether it is for the pleasure of giving or for lithotherapy, the beauty and virtues of natural stones seduce more and more. In the form of necklace or pendant, they are very aesthetic. But depending on where they are placed on the body, they release their therapeutic, soothing, protective, energizing and invigorating properties. However, a few questions can titillate your mind. Which stone to choose? How do you know that one stone is more beneficial than another? Where and how to get some? Should it be bought in its raw or cut state? How to wear the natural stone pendant? You will find all the answers in this article.

The perfect stones for a pendant

Natural stones are also called semi-precious stones or fine stones. They do not belong to any official classification. Therefore, they are cheaper than precious stones which are diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby. But they are much more resistant than they look. They display their charms in the light of the sun, as if under the caresses of the moon. But they hide a fascinating mystery. These stones are the fruit of the transformation of the environment, of a rock, a mineral or an organic substance. This gives them a remarkable purity and exceptional power. Their aspects and colours are variable. They can be presented in classical geometrical forms or in completely random figures. Crystals can range from transparent to dark colours. They can also be white like pearls, pink like pink quartz, blue like aquamarine, and even black like black tourmaline. The choice is wide, but you only have to refer to your preferences before making your decision. They all deserve to be worn as a pendant. However, the properties of the stones depend on their characters, their colours, and the environment in which they have evolved. Nevertheless, these properties can be different depending on the people who handle them. They can be intense, unbearable or moderate according to the temperaments and signs of the zodiac.

The meanings of natural stones

All semi-precious stones each have their own meaning. Standing between scepticism and superstition, the power of stones is a subject that lends itself to debate. Some people think that gemstones are purely decorative objects, intended to adorn houses, decorate an outfit and support the collection of enthusiasts or those who cannot afford the luxury of gemstones. Others believe, however, that when exposed to sunlight, they point out their true natures and diffuse energies within their entourage. They influence both body and mind. They influence behaviour. This leads to a harmonious and protective atmosphere. However, it all depends on the colour of the stone and the characters of the person who uses it in lithotherapy. An agreement between the two must exist so that they can be in symbiosis and produce the desired effects. Your choice must therefore be guided by your personality so that you can receive positive vibrations. Concerning health, to strengthen the defense agents in the body, for example, jade is the ideal stone. To fight against insomnia, amethyst is a powerful weapon. In order to keep a healthy body and mind, chalcedony is the right stone for you. As for protection, in the face of negative energies, count on labradrorite to monopolize them, take the eye of the tiger to dislodge them, and trust shungite to keep you in good shape. As for the heart and emotions, if you are a victim of emotional wounds, rose quartz, also called the stone of love, will help you to heal and to believe once again in yourself, in your chance in love, no matter what your past. It promotes closeness and feelings of being loved, protected. On the other hand, if you want your couple to be welded, in perfect communication, you must acquire a black rhodonite.

Why wear natural stones as a pendant?

Jewellery made of fine stones abounds on the market. They exist in the form of necklaces with or without pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings and even watches. Only, it's the pendants that are the most prized. But where should the pendant be placed? Is it at the neck, near the throat or near the heart? Indeed, the ideal is to place the pendant in natural stone at the place where the heart chakra, called Anahata, emerges, i.e. between the throat and the breasts. However, it is mandatory that it is the right stone and the right colour. In this way, it will produce beneficial reactions for the heart and the other organs around it. It calms and soothes the consequences and damage caused by heartache or repeated violent words. It also facilitates access to self-esteem, love, sharing and spirituality. It also protects the person concerned from the harmful waves that constantly attack the body and the mind while disrupting the proper functioning of the metabolism. It offers a warm atmosphere, full of liveliness. The stone in pendant also improves the health of the lungs and respiratory tracts. Finally, it restores energy, strength and willpower. However, you can also aim for your pendant to reach your solar plexus when you decide the length of the necklace. In this way, the stone will not only be able to rebalance the Manipura chakra, but also to loosen blockages and regulate certain overactivities. Indeed, when you feel abnormal or frequent hesitations, or when you want to give up everything due to lack of motivation, or when you are always in a state of stagnation, your solar plexus is neither more nor less blocked. Only a fine stone will be able to solve the situation. Corollary to this, when you overestimate yourself a little too much, and that you have energy to spare, that your actions are automatically turned towards excess and exaggeration, it is the sign of an overactivity of the solar plexus. It will be necessary to restore it by means of a semi-precious stone. Labradorite is perfect for restructuring the solar plexus.

Your pendant reveals your identity

Even though it is said that chance does things well, natural stones such as tourmaline, aquamarine, quartz, pearl, and many others are not chosen by chance. A pendant is meant to be worn on the neck. It is an eye-catcher whether it is small or large, and no matter what it looks like. The stones can therefore reveal a hidden side of your personality to you, just as they show everyone the necessary information about your temperaments, your lifestyle, your problems, your feelings, your weak and strong points, in short, crisp details about you. You can play tricks on people by wearing a stone pendant that doesn't match your identity. But this decision can have serious consequences for your physical and mental health. For example, if you are angry and wear a red stone pendant, you may make your condition worse. Your mood swings will be more frequent and this may annoy your family or friends or even your colleagues, to the point of altering the quality of the relationship you have. So don't take your options lightly. Your pendant is a sincere jewel. Wear it with pride and confidence. It will accompany you throughout your days. It will accessorize your clothes and give you a personal look.

How do you acquire your pendant?

A semi-precious stone pendant is a real jewel that you must choose with care and taste. You can't buy it just anywhere, at the risk of being in possession of a fake stone. Contact the specialists in your area and ask for as much additional information as you need, including the conditions of sale, the origin of the stone and additional guarantees. You can do some research on the internet to receive a list of reliable sellers. Don't forget to visit the websites of each expert and read the comments left by customers. You will then be able to judge for yourself the number of satisfied customers. If you decide to follow your approach online, you must be patient because a few steps must be followed to be sure you have the right stone. Take the time to browse through the sheets for each product, compare the prices and qualities of the flagship sites, or all the sites you have selected, before you plan to make a purchase. After that, you can order your stone. However, you can also go to a lithotherapy shop to see and touch the organic gems. This will give you the opportunity to test and feel their vibrations and energies, and to negotiate the price.
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