Which jewels for which outfit?

Knowing which jewellery to wear for which outfit, for a woman, is not always easy. It is always necessary to take into account her style and her morphology. It is necessary to match her jewellery and her outfit and to have her own original style. Sometimes you buy a piece of jewellery just for the fun of it, and so much the better if it matches the outfit you plan to wear. For example, a bohemian-style person will find it difficult to wear classic jewelry made of diamonds and rhinestones.

Knowing how to choose costume or luxury jewellery

First of all, you have to be able to tell the difference between each type of jewellery. There are those that are timeless and classic, that you can wear with almost any outfit you have in your wardrobe. We are talking about fine jewellery that has little or no stones, rhinestones or pearls. They are discreet jewels that you can wear easily. As for the more showy jewellery with pearls and all, you have to wear it carefully; otherwise it will look like a Christmas tree. For the look all in rhinestones, earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces are to be avoided, because it will give a too flashy effect. Otherwise, for ethnic or bohemian jewellery, you can wear them with special outfits, in perfect harmony with this type of jewellery.

Put jewels according to your morphology

Morphology is an important point to take into account when it comes to jewellery. For example, it is recommended for short women not to wear necklaces or jewellery that is too heavy. This will not give a good figure. It is better to opt for delicate, fine as well as colourful jewellery. On the other hand, relatively tall people can wear long necklaces or heavy jewellery. As for earrings, they should be in accordance with the shape of the person's face. A fairly round face is ideal for dangling, fine earrings or rings and avoids wearing too large earrings as they may accentuate the roundness. Conversely, people with long faces should avoid fine curls and opt for loops that are not hanging. Things to remember
  • Always match your jewellery and your outfit.
  • Wear earrings according to the morphology of your face.
  • Adapt the wearing of the necklace according to the occasion.
  • Wear a long necklace according to your morphology.
  • Play on the fantasy with coloured jewellery.
Harmonize the colour and materials of his jewellery with each other.
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