How to make costume jewellery?

Published on : 10 January 20202 min reading time

There is no better way to obtain cheap and original jewellery than by making it yourself. Moreover, this makes it easy to find gift ideas for all occasions. All you have to do is find out about the different steps to follow to make costume jewellery.

Buy beads

To make homemade costume jewellery, you start by buying beads. To do this, one either goes to the physical shops or consults specialized websites. The latter can offer beads at interesting prices. If possible, you order only the quantity of beads you need. By opting for bead lots, you just risk collecting formats that will not be used (due to a lack of colours or size). Otherwise, you can also choose to make your own beads, in the colours and shapes you want. Customisable beads are sold in supermarkets or specialist shops.

Gathering the necessary tools

Whether it’s to make a fancy necklace or a bracelet, you have to find threads. They can be made of leather; metal or cotton, there is a wide choice on the market. It simply depends on the models you want to obtain. To buy them, it is the same process as for beads. In addition to the threads, it is necessary to equip yourself with a cutter and round pliers. These two tools are sufficient to make costume jewellery. Generally, these tools are easy to find because they are sold with the beads and threads.

Making costume jewellery

The making of costume jewellery is now simpler. You can get a lot of advice on different sites. In principle, the results are satisfactory, provided that you follow the tips. If necessary, you can participate in forums to exchange with other manufacturers and to share your different desires that you wish to materialize. For those who have enough time, they can look for ideas in specialized books. They can be consulted on line on booksellers’ websites (some books are free, others may require payment). For the most creative, they will work their imagination to make different original models. This last method is the most practical because you can be sure that no one else will have the same models. In any case, making your own costume jewellery is cheaper.

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