Choose your jewellery according to your morphology

Jewellery is an essential accessory for women but also for men. For women specifically, they wear jewellery to sublimate their silhouette. It is then to know that it is also important to choose them according to the morphology. Just like clothing, it is in principle a question of balance and harmony.

Choose your earrings according to your morphology

Earrings are not chosen at random, on the contrary, they must adapt to the shape of the face, just like the morphology. If you have a large silhouette, then imposing earrings are to be preferred. Conversely, you should wear earrings that are both discreet and thin to avoid spoiling the whole look. To focus attention on the face, it is advisable to wear brightly coloured earrings. To highlight the face as well as to underline it, choose earrings adapted to the face:
  • triangular face: the earrings to be chosen are preferably the opposite of the shape of the face ;
  • angular face: Creole earrings or pendants are to be adopted;
  • round face: it is more appropriate to bet on graphic earrings;
  • Oval face: anything goes with this face shape.

Choose your bracelet according to your morphology

If you're pretty tall, then it's better to wear big bracelets. Otherwise, you can put thin bracelets together because bracelets that are too thin won't even show. For thin and small women, avoid imposing bracelets and wear thin bracelets. In both cases, it is recommended to always pay attention to the harmony of the jewellery with the silhouette. Bracelets can always be piled up to enhance the arm, without overdoing it.

Choose your rings according to your morphology

Like other jewellery, the choice of rings is based on an important criterion: the shape of the hand. Also, we focus in particular on the different components of the jewel in relation to the size of the hand and the fingers:
  • Rings for short and thin fingers: preference is given to thin and discreet rings with small stones;
  • rings for thick and short fingers: imposing rings are to be chosen with stones with an imposing pattern;
  • rings for thin and long fingers: in this case, all kinds of rings can be worn;
  • Rings for thick and long fingers: Avoid overloading the hand with several rings. Just choose one that is imposing.
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