How to create your own 3D printed jewellery?

Jewellers and jewellers already use additive manufacturing. If you are now hearing about 3D printed jewellery, be aware that this jewellery is the object of a 3D printer. Once this option is installed, it is possible to make your own favourite jewellery. Ring, necklace, bracelet, earring, pendant, you can create your own models without constraint. If the idea is to set up dream jewelry, you can be inspired by existing models for people who are not really good at creation. Jewellers do not have to be satisfied with only traditional skills, but they need creative people in their workshop. Indeed, 3D printed jewellery is in the intuitive 3D modeling system, so you have to use platforms or software to get the prototype and the file. From a 3D modeling software or online platform, anyone can try to create their own 3D jewelry and then print it using a 3D printer.

3D Printed Jewelry

3D printed jewellery is already present in the world of innovative technology. In fact, it is not about the material of the jewel but their design. You can immediately see the finesse and precision in this type of jewelry. They are impeccable. In any case, jewellers require a lot more advantage with these products because their design and production is free of constraints. The motifs of the object are very distinguished even if the object is a miniature, a heart pendant, a ring with letters or numbers. It can be said that 3D-printed jewellery also appears in a complex form. Manufacturers show their professionalism by taking inspiration from a life or a thing. In this case, jewellery lovers can take advantage of the creativity of their jeweller.  But it doesn't stop there, the search for the new 3D printing continues to develop, so that 3D printed jewellery is still at its peak. To find more 3D printers from the jewellery industry, click here.

3D modeling software to create the jewelry of your dreams

The 3D modeling software allows you to make your favorite model with your jewelry in order to print in 3D. It is therefore useful in 3D file design. Without this file, it is difficult to realize what you really want to print. The softwares represent their peculiarities in the creation of the file but also have several types on 3D modeling. One notes the modeling by curve or the polygonal modeling. Beginner or professional in creation, large choices of software are available and they are often free, that is to say, simply downloadable online. Simple student, engineer, architect, designer, creative ideas find a great place with the 3D modeling software. Moreover, it is important to think about the 3D printer in the file design whatever software you use. More attention and finesse is needed to make sure that the 3D file is adaptable to the 3D printer. The bottom line is that you get a 3D file free and the 3D scanner is a better solution to make a STL file that appears physically. So it is possible to customize an existing model with this 3D scan.

Online platform to create 3D jewellery

The role of an online platform is not really very different from that of 3D modeling software. The use of the site does not require professionalism, but at least the person using it has a taste for creation. Some sites offer you a different field of work depending on your creations. To go further, the site can propose you to choose the word, the number or the letter that you want to appear on your jewel, a ring for example. The option of 3D modeling is based precisely if you want to sculpt with precision the jewel of your choice. Then, the dimensions of the object are to be selected according to your needs but it must be adapted to the 3D printer in jewellery thanks to which you will make the jewel. According to the dimensions, you will then add the material (silver, gold, steel...) with your desired finishes (smooth, matte, polished...). While all the proposals of material and services are not of the same cost, it is preferable to make your choice according to your budget.

3D printer to manufacture your jewel

In the jewelry industry, a 3D printer is a revolutionary tool and very trendy today. It is a great help for jewellers but also for jewellery lovers. This innovative technology is already gaining more and more space in the jewellery world and offers a profit in the jewellery market. While traditional methods are very slow and lack finesse, the method with a 3D printer in jewellery making is an advantage of great importance. The machine is like a kind of automated robot realizing what has been created in the 3D file. But the principle of operation is simple, after finishing the 3D model with specific software; it is cut into sections but with a very small thickness. Then, the printer plays their task by depositing the materials that weld together successively. Because each material is different, there are special techniques depending on the material. The jewels to be made of steel could be printed directly on the 3D printer in jewellery but the jewels to be made of metals such as silver, gold, or bronze must be returned in a wax print following the casting.
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