Which shoes for which look?

Shoes are of great importance for a perfect look. So, in order not to spoil anything, we avoid making a random choice. It all depends on the purpose of the shoes, because the look is obviously selected according to the occasion. It's clear that you don't wear the same pair for sport and for a party.

Know how to choose colours

First of all, it is not necessary to match the color of the shoes to the color of her dress. What is important here is that the shoes match the style of her dress, rather than the colour. So, it's always best to stop focusing on colours and instead focus on the style of your look. For example, if you wear a blue and white houndstooth dress, you don't need to match it with blue and white houndstooth shoes, so you can select a completely different colour such as silver or other colours. Otherwise, there is also the three-colour rule of sticking to only three. Of course, this includes your outfit, shoes and accessories. It's simple yet effective. Apart from that, in the case of a print, one should avoid wearing printed shoes if one is already wearing a printed skirt. You should only have one print per look.

Define the ideal heel height

Heel height for women's shoes depends mainly on the cut of the garment she is wearing. To illustrate this, we take as an example a stiletto heel, which must be with an outfit that lengthens the leg. With shorts or a short skirt, for example, you are on the verge of vulgarity. Short shorts go much better with a flat sandal and ballerinas will look much better with a trumpet skirt. And don't forget that shoes and clothes should always go together.

The right shoe for the right occasion

Wearing the same shoes and always looking the same for different occasions is not normal. It is much better to vary your style for a concise event: for a country picnic, avoid high heels as they are completely inappropriate. It is better to prefer low shoes, especially sandals or ballerinas. On the other hand, for a chic evening, high heels are a must. It should also be noted that even if they are beautiful shoes, they will not necessarily enhance the one who wears them. Avoiding slip-ups is essential, and to do this, you must know that the choice of your shoes must suit your look and the situation in which you wear them.
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