Trend: how to carry your handbag?

The handbag is a sacred object for a woman. She hardly ever leaves it. There are very many ways to carry her purse: with a crossed shoulder strap, with a bleeding elbow, on the wrist, on the back, on the hand, on the shoulder, etc... If you don't know how to carry it anymore, here are the latest trends concerning the carrying of your handbag.

Carrying your handbag over the shoulder

The shoulder bag is very trendy at the moment. We have a lot more freedom of movement. For example, when you're looking for something like lipstick, you don't have to stop on a window sill or in the middle of the street. You just raise it up and then you find what you want. Moreover the shoulder bag does not pull on the neck and is rather pleasant. As far as safety is concerned, you can't find anything better; you just have to put it on the front or on the side. On the other hand, you have to take into account the size of the bag to put on the shoulder: if it's too big, wearing it will not be very feminine, and in the opposite case, a small pocket will be quite ridiculous on the shoulders and therefore not at all practical. So, it is important to think about how to carry a handbag before buying it.

Carrying your small handbag or pouch

A small bag or clutch is the accessory that is essential in the evening. It is a small handbag very chic and practical. You can carry it in your hand as it is rather discreet. There are two ways to carry this bag: grasp it on top or underneath. Even if it is trendy, it is not very practical. Since it is held on one hand, you have to do everything with one hand. Wearing it on the shoulder is also an alternative, but it depends on the outfit you are wearing. It is still quite uncomfortable despite having both hands free. Because you need to pull it up very often.

Wearing your tote bag

The all-in-one bag: the must-have that every woman should have in her wardrobe. You can put in it everything you need or even what you don't need. The great thing about this bag is that it can be worn with a lot of outfits. It fits very well in the hand with its two handles. The all-purpose tote bag can also be reversible thanks to its rounded shape and wide handles. That's why it can be matched with many outfits.  
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