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The luxury clothing line is a rather brand-driven economy with people opting to purchase products because of the appreciation of the brand from one's peers. More often than not, brand sales are driven by the sheer perception and popularity of the brand in the industry. Like for instance, which world celebrity is wearing what and rocking what brand. The fashion world is a buzz of activity, and keeping up with the latest design trends no longer means just taking care of your dressing style but rather the entire look, including the hair and additional accessories. The best luxury brands have evolved and are adaptive, thus ensuring that they keep up with the changes in the industry. The garment industry is slowly becoming one of the worlds, top earners. The garment industry has become the centrepiece of the ever-growing entertainment industry. In this aspect, luxury design houses have sprouted all over to curb the growing demand for the best in the industry. These clothing lines have uniquely redefined typical dressing. These luxury fashion trends are adoptive to the present dressing culture. The industry has evolved over the decades, slowly discarding the colourful dressing code of the '90s to fit the unique and free spirit dressing styles of the millennial generation.

Trendy Looks

For a fresh and trendy appearance, the outfit should have additional accompaniments such as matching jewellery and accessories. Cheap jewellery and shiny accessories are slowly becoming popular among both men and women in the apparel industry. These flashy jewellery add glamour to the luxury fashion trends. These matching accessories trend has become a household look, especially at a time when everyone in the entertainment industry wants to rock a personalized and original piece of jewellery. Luxury brands have also upped their game by providing the most glamorous and unique jewellery pieces to cater to their ever-expanding pool of customers.

You can recognize the sales and the potential growth of big luxury vogue brands by their online presence. Here are some of the unique, stylish brands that the world has grown to love for their unique insights into the luxury fashion trends. The online popularity of these brands is dictated by their online mentions, thus dictating where they reside on the scale of the most sought-after brands among affluent consumers.


Gucci tops the list being the most popular online design house in the world. The brand has set itself well part from its various competitors. New age vogue affluent loves the unique and edgy trends that are dropped by this creative storehouse. Overall, Gucci has continued to reign supreme over all the other luxury houses. Its social media mentions over the years dwarf even the big fashion show houses like Dior and Balenciaga.

Louis Vuitton

This is a seasoned French giant that has been a force to be reckoned with in the garment world for the longest time. The design house has, over the years, shown a unique approach to the millennial glamour market by partnering with hype brands such as Supreme to connect with the affluent younger shoppers.


Interestingly the feminist French creative store has increasingly grown over the years to a brand value of up to $9 billion a year. Even though it has not completely adopted e-commerce, they have used other digital platforms to their advantage. The privately-owned clothing line releases products ranging from clothing, accessories, and fragrances. The changes and adversity in the apparel industry can give rise to outstanding and potentially huge design houses. However, despite this being the case, the houses have to be at their very best in-order to dethrone some of the existing giants named above.

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