Gifts for women: offering lingerie made of lace

A sign of seduction, lace lingerie is very much envied by women, to awaken the flames in a couple, or to bring a little spice, in order to feel the first unforgettable moments again. Playing the femme fatale, or the most mellowed, lace lingerie is now embodied in several forms and patterns. As gift ideas, especially for the bachelor party, lace lingerie is among the most popular, for an unforgettable wedding night, and dream honeymoon trips. Men too are now starting to choose lace lingerie as a gift, for Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, or the anniversary of the first meeting.

How to choose the lingerie to offer?

The most important and the first thing to do before choosing the lace lingerie to offer is to know the person to whom you offer the gift. So what do you need to know in order to delight the person? First of all, you need to know the person's character. Is it a person with a more romantic tendency, or a little retro, is he or she shy, or on the contrary a very daring person? Is it a femme fatale? A fashion-victim? Or a refined woman? Is she a person who loves innovation? All these characters of women have their lace lingerie that fits them. Apart from the models, the colours are also chosen according to these characters. Many web-shop sites currently offer ranges, which will help everyone in their choice.

Which lingerie for which woman?

Offering lace lingerie for women fatales is the most difficult, because they are the most knowledgeable in this field. For them, the more sexy and provocative it is, the more it suits them. To please them, you have to choose colours that match this character, such as black or red. For women with a retro style, they like to dress like in the time of Marilyn or Audrey Hepburn. For them, it is better to offer lace lingerie that also combines satin, they also like high knickers and garter belts. For colours, burgundy reds, black or white delight those who like this style. Refined women, as for them, are women who like lingerie that fits their body well. For them, lingerie is part of their skin. So they like lace lingerie that fits their body well. They like soft colours such as light blues, pinks, whites, or other lighter colours.

Current trends in lingerie

In order not to make false notes in the gifts, concerning the lace lingerie, the simplest is to choose models which are trendy. Lacy lingerie is trendy nowadays, especially those with ornaments. For colours, black is still the most fashionable. It is a color that brings out the sensuality and elegance of a woman. Women feel more mysterious in black. For femme fatale, the combination of colours is currently very trendy, especially the colour red and black. This combination is, for them, a great revelation of their sexy look. For women who are shy, but want to look sexy at the same time, black nightgown style lingerie is currently very trendy. With the neckline emphasizing her bust, the woman will feel like a woman. Otherwise, blue lingerie is very popular, especially navy blue and midnight blue. It is a rather discreet colour, but suitable for all women. Anyway, lace lingerie fashion designers try their best to please any kind of woman so that every woman can have her own style and express her true self.
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