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I  am starting new series on my blog Travelling in Style. For me deciding what I will be wearing during a trip is a an essential part of any holiday planning. I am sure you will agree, choice of the right outfit is of paramount importance – clothes that you feel comfortable in can make you to enjoy sites even more. However pick a wrong outfit and your day will be ruined.

For a while now Marrakesh has been established as Morocco’s capital of chic, attracting the rich and famous from Europe and beyond. It’s a place of mystique with narrow alleys which bustle with excitement and vitality. Right outfits are particularly important while visiting Marrakesh – you don’t have to cover up however you need to respect local traditions which are still very conservative. But it doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous! Just remember outfits from Sex and the City 2 – it can be endless inspiration for you.


I am writing this post my last night in Marrakesh – it was a very short but much-needed break. Sun can make you feel so different! I am going to share my 5 must experiences in Marrakesh and 5 outfit inspirations which will make your packing much easier if you ever decide to visit Morocco.

#1 Staying in Riad

For many people, the main reason for coming to Marrakesh is to stay in riad and I couldn’t agree more – it’s definitely a must experience while you are in Marrakesh.riad2Behind the nondescript doors you will find an atmosphere of One Thousand and One Nights.
staying in riadriad in marrakeshstaying in riad in marrakeshwhat to wear when staying in riadstaying in riad in marrakechThe best part of staying in the riad is breakfast on the roof terrace. breakfast in marrakeshrooftop of riadbreakfast on the roof terracebreakfast in riadYou can also enjoy a lantern-lit dinner there. dinner with lanters in marrakesh

While you are in riad (and I would definitely recommend you to spend a bit of time there just to soak in the atmosphere) you can enjoy a bit more relaxed clothes. For breakfast on the roof terrace I would wear a loose or kaftan type dress. When I am in Marrakesh I love wearing a lot of jewellery – statement necklaces and bangles – I am very inspired by traditional Moroccan jewellery. what to pack to marrakeshDress: Mango Tie Up Sandals: Steve Madden Boho Bangle: Mango

#2 Medina

Like all Moroccan cities, Marrakesh consists of two parts: Medina, the ancient walled part of the city and the colonial Ville Nouvelle, built by French in the early 20th century. Marrakesh’s Medina is famous for its labyrinthine souks, ancient mansions and deeply traditional way of life and this is the place to explore if you want to experience real and traditional Marrakesh with all its smells, colours and sounds.

medinamedina in moroccoI fell in love with Moroccan mosaics. mosaics in marrakeshwhat to wear in medinakoranic school in marrakeshmedina in marrakeshKoutoubia – the city’s emblem.marrakeshstylist evelina in marrakeshkoutoubia

The downside of dressing in Marrakesh is that you can’t wear  heels (and you know me I can’t live without my high heel shoes) – maze-like streets of Medina are dusty, muddy and cobbled. I also wouldn’t recommend to wear open toe sandals – it can get really dirty there.

The perfect day outfit in Marrakesh is loose trousers and a t-shirt or a blouse if you want to look a bit dressy. Once again jewellery will add that missing element of glamour.
what to wear in morroco

Blouse: Mango  Paisley Print Trousers: Mango Lace-up Shoes: Zara Suede Shopper Bag: Mango Statement Necklace: Aldo Bracelet: Mango  

#3 Shopping in Souks

Shopping in souks is an experience! It can be a bit overwhelming with all that screaming, haggling and harassment. Be prepared that everyone will try to stop you and talk to you. It’s definitely a unique experience however I couldn’t stay there longer than for one hour.
souksin soukMarrakech-Souks-spices

Jumpsuit is another great garment to wear in Marrakesh. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to expose your shoulders.

When you are travelling you usually leave hotel early in the morning and go to a dinner without changing. You can always keep nicer pair of shoes and extra jewellery in your bag for the evening. what to wear in marrakesh

Jumpsuit: Mango Fringe Suede Sandals: Mango Embroidered Bag: Zara Necklace: Mango Bracelets: Mango

#4 Majorelle Garden

It’s one of the world’s greatest gardens created by a French artist and later owned by Yves Saint Laurent. It’s my favourite place in Marrakesh. The feeling of tranquility is enhanced by verdant groves of bamboo, palms, cactus garden and lily ponds. marrakeshmajorelle garden 2cactuswhat to wear in majorelle gardenredaguota 5It was a feast for my eyes. I was captivated by the most extraordinary electric blue called “Majorelle blue” – clear, intense, fresh blue. It is an incredibly vibrant, powerful and full of life colour which works incredibly well with the lush greens of the garden and blue Moroccan sky.majorelle garden

Tunic with jeans is another great outfit to wear in Marrakesh.

what to wear when travelling to marrakesh

Paisley Print Tunic: Mango Skinny Jeans: Mango Bag: Zara Shoes: Asos

#5 Drinks at La Mamunia

La Mamunia a legendary luxurious hotel in Marrakesh which is an epitome of Moroccan glamour and probably one of the most opulent places I have ever visited. For me it was the most romantic and the best place to enjoy cocktails in Marrakesh.

la mamunia gardenla mamunialanterns in la mamuniacocktails at la mamuniawhat to wear to la mamuniamosaic5

This is the place to dress up and you can definitely wear heels (maybe this is why I liked this place so much). Maxi dress is perfect especially paired with high-heeled sandals and statement jewellery.

what to wear when visiting marrakesh

Maxi Dress: Mango Sandals: Nicholas Kirkwood Clutch Bag: Asos Necklace: Ben-Amun Bracelet: Mango

Have a fabulous time in Marrakesh!



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