Top 5 Things To Do In Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik is a very popular travel destination at the moment. And after visiting it a couple months ago I can understand why. It is one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever been to and definitely deservedly called  one of the world’s most magnificent walled cities. Check out my top 5 things to do to fully enjoy your holiday in Dubrovnik.

#1 Ancient City Walls

My favourite site in Dubrovnik and is definitely a must-see. On average 24m high and up to 6m thick city walls date back to the 13th century. The best way to explore them is to go for a full-circuit, two kilometer walk along the battlements. The steps are steep and it is a challenging walk, however always changing views of Adriatic sea and the old town make it totally worth it. It is a fantastic place to take photos.

Dubrovnikdubrovnik city wallswalking city walls in dubrovnikgame of thrones dubrovnikDubrovnikRed rooftops have something magical about them. rooftops in dubrovnikIMG_0911

#2 Oldtown 

The second you go through the main entrance of the Old Town you immediately feel if you stepped back in time. The old town is so atmospheric that for me felt if I was in Game of Thrones (I am a massive fan of the show).


old town in dubrovnikold town dubrovnikchurch in dubrovnikIMG_0731

#3 Buza Bar

The most atmospheric place to enjoy drinks and stunning views of the open Adriatic sea. The name ‘buza’ means a hole and literally a hole in the wall will lead you to the bar which is hanging on the cliffs right above the sea. Don’t expect any food or fancy drinks but the views are totally worth it! One of the most romantic places I’ve ever been. hole in the wall dubrovnik

buza barbuza in dubrovnikbuza bar in dubrovnik

#4 Mountain Srd

The 412-metre summit of Mount Srđ offers stunning views of the walled town below. The quickest way to admire breathtaking views is to take a cable car.

mountain srdPanorama Dubrovnikdrinks at panorama dubrovnikmountain srd in dubrovnik

#5 Food 

For me personally food is a part of travelling experience. I love to try new cuisines. If you love seafood you will love food in Dubrovnik. It’s so fresh and so delicious. These are two my favourite restaurants in Dubrovnik

Lokanda Peskarija 

Outdoor benches overlooking the old harbour. It serves a simple menu of mussels, squid, seafood risotto and scampi. I had oysters and seafood platter for 2 (which cost only around £25).

lokanda peskarijaoysters in dubrovnikfood in dubrovniksaladseafood in dubrovnikLady Pi Pi

It’s a strenuous climb up the steps from Stradun to reach the under-the-walls alley and then you usually have to queue up because they don’t make reservations. But it is totally worth it! Easily the best seafood I’ve ever had! Everything is cooked on the grill and you can enjoy stunning views of the old city.

I went there for my birthday dinner and we had the best seafood platter (2 tuna steaks, 2 sea bass, mussels, langoustines, 2 squids which cost only £30).

lady pi pilady pi pi in dubrovnikfood in lady pi pibest seafood in dubrovniksea platter in lady pi pioctopus saladOctopus salad. food in dubrovnikThank you very much for reading! Hope you enjoyed my first travel post!

Have a lovely Thursday!

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