My Fashion Resolutions for 2016

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fashion resolutions for 2016Every New Year starts with resolutions which like diets never work. But we still keep making them and this year is not an exception. My mind is very fashion focused so I want share my fashion resolutions for 2016. 

Clean Out And Reorganise My Closet On A Regular Basis

I am emphasising the importance of organised wardrobe to my clients all the time. But I have to admit I am just as guilty as majority of women I work with.. There is no better way to start a new season than knowing what is in your wardrobe, what outfits are waiting for you and what you are still missing. Which leads me to my next fashion goal.

Every Season Make A List And Stick To It!

I know it might sound weird but planning is a key to look stylish. In the ideal world everyone should think about their style and outfits, identify the key investment pieces to update the current wardrobe. The biggest problem (at least for me) is that I get distracted by new items and my plan falls apart. There is nothing wrong about being spontaneous in fashion but in my experience it might be dangerous as it might lead you to owning many cute items but no defined style.

Think Before You Buy

I am already getting better with impulse buying but I still need to remind the following rule when I shop for myself – only buy if you can think of at least 2 different ways to wear it and more than 1 occasion where you will be wearing it.  

Stop Buying Lace And Going Out Dresses

If you were following my outfit posts you will know that I have a little obsession with lace and going out dresses. I reached the point when I think I have way too many of them. So this year I am planning to stick to what I have, especially when I worn majority of them only once. This year I want to focus more on my daily outfits.

Try A New Style

I know very well that suits me (all personal stylists start styling themselves first) but that sometimes means quite limited choices. So this year I will be looking for something extravagant and something I haven’t tried before. I already see myself wearing different prints and patterns.

Invest In Fine Jewellery 

I usually splurge on designer shoes but this year I instead of buying another pair of high heels I would like to invest in subtle, pretty jewellery pieces. Also I would like to get into a habit to switch up my daily jewellery more often. At the moment I have my favourite pair of earrings and rings which I have been wearing for a couple of years.

Look For A Pretty Pair Of Shoes That Don’t Kill My Feet 

It’s so hard to find a pair of pretty, fashionable heels that would be comfortable to walk in for a long time. It looks that there are only two types of shoes in a fashion world – flats for running errands and killer heels which you can wear only for a couple of hours. What if you want to wear shoes with a bit of heel? A pair that would look stylish and elegant and yet you would be happy in them for the whole day? If you found one, please let me know.

I could continue my list but let’s be realistic and start with a few.

Have you made any New Year fashion or style resolutions?



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