My Carrie Bradshaw Moment

Sex and the City and especially Carrie Bradshaw changed the game of fashion. Not afraid to wear mismatching items she put what I call unexpected style on the map. I was always fascinated by Patricia Field’s outfit choices and I still look for fashion inspiration in Sex and the City episodes. Carrie’s outfits are all about shoes – “the higher the heel, the closer to heaven.”Whatever she wears, she always makes a statement. This is also my favourite way of dressing and the easiest way to create an impression is to wear a pair of statement heels.

I already mention in 5 things you didn’t know about me I am obsessed about high heels – I consider them a work of art. I always look for a pair which is a bit unusual and attracts everyone’s attention. And my latest obsession is Sophia Webster’s heels. If I only could I would probably buy every single pair she made.

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I was lucky enough to spot this pair in a sample sale, this is the style she exclusively designed for Victoria’s Secret show last year. So obviously I didn’t have any doubts whether I should buy them or not. And when I did I needed to find an outfit to match.

These heels really stand out so the best way to wear is to make them the focal point of the outfit while keeping everything else relatively simple. I chose black dress but white or pink dress would look as beautiful. The key was to keep the silhouette clean without any unnecessarily details.

lulu guiness bag - LifestyleFashionista

I kept my accessories to bare minimum but I had to add a playful bag just to make the overall look more Carrie Bradshaw and Lulu Guinness lips clutch was ideal for it.

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Where to wear it? 

I wore it to a fashion show. This is the outfit when you need to make an entrance and be noticed. As a fashion stylist I always try to stand out and my obsession to statement heels proved to be a magnet for people to start a conversation with me. 

Victoria Secret show heels - LifestyleFashionistaSophia Webster heels - LifestyleFashionistahow to wear fringe dress - LifestyleFashionista

Photos by Marcel Herciu Photography

My Outfit:

Frindge Dress: Asos
Clutch bag: Lulu Guinness
Heels: Sophia Webster

Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. Wow those shoes are insane, there is no way I could walk in something like that but they look amazing. The dress is also really nice, love the fringe detailing x

  2. Oh you look gorgeous! It’t a really beautiful look overall but the shoes are something special. I’m not a fan of heels but they really do look fab and add so much to an outfit. The bag is pretty cool too 🙂

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