My Favourite Outfits of 2016

Every year for me starts with looking back and remembering all great moments I just had and I always connect my memories to outfits I was wearing at the time. 

2016 was a year of travelling and I feel so grateful for being able to visit so many beautiful places in the world.

Bali Lookbook 

Bali totally stole my heart and I am already thinking about going back there. (more photos here here here and here)

Philippines – a true tropical paradise

Ibiza Lookbook 

I was totally obsessed with a fedora hat (more photos here and here).

Florence Lookbook 

Fantastic week in Italian countryside where I was attending the most beautiful wedding on hills of Umbria (more photos here here here and here).

Monaco & Nice Lookbook

A weekend spend in French Riviera (more photos here and here). 

2016 was also a year when I starting wearing jumpsuits. I have never thought I would but I keep replacing my favourite dresses with them. (Styling tips how to wear and style a jumpsuit)

It was also a year of exposing shoulders, it started with off the shoulder tops and gradually moved to one shoulder silhouettes (more here here and here).

And a year of an obsession with Sophia Webster quirky heels (more here here here and here).

And also it was a year when I had an opportunity to wear these gorgeous houte couture gowns (more here here and here).

Thank you so much for reading and commenting and I can’t wait to prepare more posts for you this year.


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  1. I absolutely love those outfits, they are so stylish. I really like the first red jumpsuit (a bit of Hollywood style), but white dress also looks so cute:)

  2. I couldn’t select what of your outfits I like more because all of them are amazing, you have such a good sense of style! Can’t wait to see more on 2017 😀 x

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