5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

#1 Shoeaholic

It’s time to come clean: Yes, I am a “shoeaholic” – but no, I don’t need any help!

My obsession is high heels, and I consider them a work of art. When it comes to buying heels I don’t ever worry about where I am going to wear them, what I am going to wear with them or whether they are going to be comfortable (how boring!). I buy them because they look gorgeous. And guess what? I have yet to add an unworn pair to my collection.

Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” and that lady knew a thing or two about fashion! The right pair is a total game changer, transforming a potentially boring outfit to super stylish. A pair of shoes can tell you how I am feeling, and that’s why I only wear flat shoes when I feel sad!life_is_short_buy_the_shoes

#2 I was a professional ballet dancer

I started dancing ballet from the age of 6 and hung up my pointe shoes at 20. I was trained in the classical style, and performed in numerous famous musicals as well as ballets that you may well have heard of (Nutcracker is my all-time favourite!).

Dancing is still a big part of my life, and the lessons that I learned during my training have helped make me into the person I am now; focussed, determined and able to work relentlessly until the result has exceeded expectations. I will also be forever thankful for the graceful, elegant and feminine body I developed through daily hard work, not to mention the high pain threshold that I now have (which as every lady can appreciate is particularly handy when walking in killer heels!).tumblr_m0r7ajbxt21qkyf0no1_500

#3 I lived in China and can speak English, Lithuanian, Russian, French and Mandarin

I was born in Lithuania, and post my early retirement from ballet due to injury, studied International Politics and Diplomacy (I was never a shrinking violet whether on the stage or in life in general!).

As part of the continuation of my studies I found myself in Beijing, China where my life completely changed. Having lived a more cloistered life (which was not at all unusual for professional dancers) this was the first time that I was exposed to a truly international environment, and able to enjoy learning about and sharing with different cultures.

Having quickly realised that this was something that I wanted as a part of my life from there on out upon completion of my Masters degree I moved to London. This was the perfect choice for me as it still allows me to be close to both my family and friends but within a truly cosmopolitan and international city (the fact that London is one of the world’s fashion capitals doesn’t hurt either!).

#4 I love watermelons

I don’t know how it happened, but a few years ago I developed a true addiction to watermelons. I could eat them all day, every day and wouldn’t get enough. It’s the best desert, breakfast or a snack to me.

I am also a bit of a foodie (which hopefully shines through on my Instagram!) and am very keen on trying dishes with watermelon. Even the weirdest combinations (duck and watermelon salad anybody?).

Sadly this is also the reason why I could never live in Japan. It would be heart-breaking to live in place where watermelons are considered a luxury item, and where a tiny on was sold at auction for £3,799!Watermelon

#5 Rooftop Bars

Even though I am truly afraid of heights, I could not imagine a better way to spend an evening than sipping a cocktail while enjoying the skyline views of a roof top bar (though admittedly you would never find me anywhere near the edge!).

No prizes for guessing that my cocktail of choice contains watermelon; the perfect tipple for the most elegant of nights in my opinion! I have probably visited all of the top (see what I did there?) roof bars in London, and bars of this type are always on my “must visit” list when I plan a night out in any new city I visit.rooftop

Tell me your “secrets” in comments!