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stylist evelinaI am Evelina, and I am working as a personal and fashion stylist in London.

Ever since I was a little girl fashion has been constant in my life. Growing up with the sight of my mother designing clothes in our home studio is something that has remained with me to this day.

“Fashion is more than art because you live your life in it”, words to live by!

I love exploring new places and every day crave new experiences, whether it be trying cuisines that I haven’t before, taking in a new movie or play, and did you know that I have a thing for rooftop bars? I have found that the pleasure of all the above goes hand in hand with (and I would say enhanced by) how fabulous the outfit that I am wearing is!

For me it all begins with planning what to wear, for as I am sure you will agree, selection of the right outfit is of paramount importance from the outset and may make or break a night out before you have even left home. I am a firm believer that fabulous style can lead to a fabulous life. Therefore I created Lifestyle Fashionista to share all that I have learned through work with my clients, so that you too can be inspired to live the most chic, fabulous life.


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